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Strategic Vendor Alliances

Innovative Health Strategies offers unique expertise in guiding organizations to create forward-thinking strategic alliances with the world’s leading information technology vendors. We have consistently forged the way in transforming standard procurement and outsourcing transactions into fully-integrated strategic business partnerships.

Recognizing early on that “best of breed” transactions are limited to serving short term needs, Innovative Health Strategies has led healthcare organizations and high profile vendors to expand upon their shared vision. This vision provides a basis for progressive state of the art integrated technology solutions that reduce cost and improve quality by transforming infrastructures and consolidating operating platforms to achieve enterprise-wide integration. In exchange for a long term multifaceted relationship, vendors respond with a commitment to provide continuous product upgrades and superior service levels. In an environment of shared business goals and accountability, vendor involvement includes ongoing consultation and sharing of “best practice” models.

The consultants at Innovative Health Strategies have successfully negotiated mutually advantageous agreements that include procurement of clinical and specialty systems, service and IT department outsourcing, development of communications networks and facilities management. These initiatives have provided us with a distinct insight into health care trends and emerging challenges. Status quo is not an option. Threats of bioterrorism and large-scale epidemics require new strategies for immediate response and global communication. Our solutions frequently establish joint client-vendor research and development programs for next generation healthcare products and solutions.

With each new engagement, Innovative Health Strategies harnesses the energy of our relationships with leading IT conglomerates such as GE, Siemens, and IBM. Recognized by vendors as keen negotiators and arbitrators of groundbreaking solutions, IHS inspires a spirit of collaboration and possibilities. The strength of our experience and reputation for facilitating “win-win” outcomes ensures our clients achieve optimal savings and results.